Micro Manufacturing Conference & Exhibits

KEYNOTE: Challenges in High Volume MEMS Manufacturing


Dr. Mark da Silva, Product Development Team Leader

Micromachined Products Division Analog Devices, Inc.


Analog Devices (ADI) specializes in combining MEMS technology with signal conditioning, to convert, condition, and process real-world known phenomena, such as light, sound, temperature, motion, and pressure into electrical signals. As a Product Development Leader at Analog Devices, Mark da Silva is responsible for development of new MEMS inertial sensor products for medical & other high performance markets. Mark will share some of the experiences and challenges faced when using micro and nanotechnologies in the volume production of high performance sensors. The presentation will include topics such micro/nanostructure fabrication, Design for manufacturing and package level integration.


Since 2008, da Silva has been a Product Development Leader at Analog Devices in Wilmington, Massachusetts, where he is responsible for development of new MEMS inertial sensor products for medical and other high performance markets. He previously worked at Coventor Inc. (MEMS startup) where he occupied several roles in applications, development and as design center manager, as well as at Exponent Inc. where he served as a technical consultant to the MEMS industry. Prior to joining industry in the late 90’s, da Silva was a post-doctoral fellow and lecturer at the University of Maryland, and has an MS. and PhD degrees in Mechanical Engineering from The Johns Hopkins University, and an BTech in Aeronautical engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bombay. He recently co-authored a MEMS reference shelf series book on “MEMS Reliability” (Springer).